Top 10 Best Budget Travel Destinations in the World

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    Top 10 Best Budget Travel Destinations in the World are: –
    George Town in Malaysia is for those who love to try new food in highly budgeted way including accommodation complemented with site seeing as the City is UNESCO Heritage City
    Xi’an in China is a historical and cultural place with cheaper food with local transportation
    Barcelona in Spain, life can be as cheap as one wishes with good quality life relaxing on beach in clear and warm Mediterranean waters, walk around the city, visit to central park with eye catching view
    Metro Manila in Philippines is a cheap travel destinations with all sorts of live life atmosphere with hiking, kayaking, camping etc. to seven lakes, underground caves, hot water and mud springs and loads of water sports
    Thrace Region in Turkey is a wine making region and is very little explored which one can never skip
    Morocco is not to be forgotten as the cost of living there is very low and traveling around the country is incredibly cheap which is already a native to stunning natural landscapes including beaches, waterfalls, mountains, desert etc.
    Hungary is one of the cheaper destinations with hipster culture, World War II history, museums and memorials, beautiful landscape of Lake Balaton and what more
    Malaysia is very pocket friendly with plenty of fun activities and attractions including Lego-land, water parks, indoor theme parks, tropical beaches and cultural icons like Batu Caves with cheap and delicious food
    Croatia is a place which does not require much spend with scenic Adriatic coast
    Puerto Rico with cheaper conveyance with picturesque beaches and caves

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